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for humans seeking safety

We’re a collective of attorneys and accredited representatives advocating
for the rights and reunification of immigrant families.

About Safe Route Immigration

We provide affordable and empathetic guidance to those seeking refuge and pursuing legal immigration status.

Safe Route Immigration, a program of Lutheran Community Services Northwest, provides accessible legal services to refugees and immigrants in Portland, Beaverton, McMinnville, and Salem, Oregon, along with Vancouver, Tacoma, and Seattle, Washington. We’re committed to growing alongside our clients and have expanded our services over the past four decades to include immigrant rights advocacy, community education, and legal guidance for clients on their journey to becoming fully-integrated members of American society.


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Meet some of our clients and learn more about their immigration journey.

Safe Route Immigration has helped people from around the world pursue legal immigration status in the United States over the past four decades. Meet some of our clients and read their stories.


Olga sacrifices home for faith

Enduring severe hardships of religious persecution.

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Mostafa flees political extremists

Threats from his own family.

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Claude resists political tyranny

Overcoming deep ethnic divisions.

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Yasmin seeks new start for daughters

Education put them in harm's way.

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Hope breaks free from gender oppression

Culture of mutilation, forced marriage.

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Anya's long road to citizenship

It took more than 23 years to go from childhood arrival to US citizen.

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Immigration Services

Defending and advocating for immigrant rights

Safe Route Immigration provides accessible legal services to humans seeking refuge across the Pacific Northwest. For more than 40 years, our experienced attorneys and accredited representatives have been fighting for justice, equity, and the reunification of families through the immigration process.

Our team is equipped to handle complex cases and educate clients on the appropriate legal pathways for their specific situations. We strive to meet our clients where they are in their journey and assist them in achieving their long-term immigration goals.

Services We Provide

Areas in which we provide immigration consultations and services include:

Lawful Permanent Residency (Green Card)

Helping immigrants lawfully establish their granted right to reside permanently in the United States.

Family-Based Applications and Visas

Fighting to keep families together through the family immigration eligibility and visa application processes.

Asylum and Deportation

Providing legal strategy for the grantable protection of foreign nationals residing in the United States.

Employment Authorization

Giving immigrants the opportunity to work or continue working in the Unites States.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Maintaining temporary relief from deportation and work authorization to certain young immigrants.

Naturalization and Citizenship

Guiding non-citizens as they navigate the process of voluntarily applying for U.S. citizenship.

Citizenship and ESL Classes

Connecting immigrants with Citizenship and English as a Second Language classes to aid in their immigration journey.

Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

Seeking temporary status for eligible foreign nationals facing armed conflict or an environmental disaster at home.

Visa for Crime Victims (U Visa)

Allowing victims of a crime without lawful status to report incidents without fear of deportation.

Survivors of Human Trafficking (T Visa)

Pursuing immigration status for noncitizen victims during the detection, investigation, or prosecution of trafficking acts.

Survivors of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Child Sexual Abuse (VAWA)

Assisting eligible victims of battery or extreme cruelty in becoming lawful permanent residents.

Passport Assistance

Aiding first-time applicants in collecting and submitting the required documents to obtain passports for themselves and family members.

Passport Photos And Fingerprints

Helping immigrants obtain passport photos and fingerprinting necessary to apply for legal status.

Diversity Lottery

Advocating for immigrants from countries with low entry rates to the United States who are eligible to apply for an immigrant visa.

Translation and Notary Services

Offering translation and notary services for immigrants exploring their rights in the United States.

Refugee Travel Documents/Re-entry Permits

Retaining re-entry permits for permanent residents returning from abroad during a predetermined period without requiring a return visa.

Other Types of Assistance

Our attorneys and accredited representatives can answer any questions about navigating the immigration process and advocate for your rights.

Our Staff

Meet the Safe Route Immigration team. Are you interested in joining LCSNW or Safe Route Immigration? Find out more on our Careers page.

LCSNW Careers
Alma Jean

Director, Attorney

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Minh Tam Le

Portland Program Manager, Accredited Representative

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Jasenka Cehajic

Vancouver Program Manager, Accredited Representative

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Nandini Rao

Seattle Program Manager, Attorney

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Kim Kushner Dominguez

McMinnville Program Manager, Accredited Representative

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Languages We Speak

Our legal department speaks English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, Vietnamese, and Bosnian (soon Dari and Pashto). We also provide interpreters across locations with capabilities in several Arabic and African languages. Contact us today to see if we can assist with your communication or translation needs.

Portland, OR

605 SE Cesar E Chavez Blvd Portland, OR 97214

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911 Stewart Street Seattle, WA 98101

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A Program of LCSNW

Safe Route Immigration is proud to be a program of Lutheran Community Services Northwest. 

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